Thursday, January 31, 2013

Product Review for Cara B Naturally

Recently a Subbie wanted details about natural hair products for children's hair. I did this review a few years ago so this a repeat post. This is the link to the original blog post Cara B Naturally is for Me! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Skittle Hair Colors

These hair colors are tempting me to run to Sally's right now!! Anybody who knows me will tell you about my love affair with The Color Purple!!! I need these colors in my life.  

Source: Google, Facebook

Natural Hair Giveaway Box!!

Howdy Glitzies!! I'm having a Natural Hair Giveaway!! Click here for more details!!

Peace and Blessings

Welcome Glitzies!!

Howdy Glitzies!! My name is Michelle also known as Curvyecocentric. I blogged for 3 years almost daily and then completely fell off the planet for a year. You can view my old blog posts here. During my year hiatus I had a bouncing baby boy. Now I am starting the New Year, 2013 off doing something I have always wanted to do, VLOGGING! I was so nervous and unexperienced behind a video camera but it was kind of fun. I know I will get better with time. I am vlogging for naturallycurlydotcom doing product reviews and I love it!! Check me out on YOUTUBE!!

Peace and Blessings
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