Friday, October 18, 2013

I Did the Big Chop and Now My Hair is Growing Like Crazy!! 5 Tips to Help with the Awkward Stage.

The Big Chop was the most liberating exciting part of going natural for me. I felt empowered and excited about my new journey to returning to my natural texture. My hair was curly, coily and obeyed my every command. UNTIL....It started GROWING!!!

 Suddenly, this new hair texture that was growing out of my head was becoming a nuisance. I had no idea what to do with it and it was becoming more of a challenge every day.

These 5 Tips Helped Me Tremendously!!

1.) Stop comparing your hair to the natural hair pictures floating around social media.
These pictures are usually of people who have been natural for sometime and they have had the trail and error of finding what works for them. In most cases your hair will look nothing like your hair crush! Just face it, you are a newbie so you have alot to learn about how to care for YOUR hair.

2.) Except your texture for what it is.
To be honest I thought that since my hair was a nice grade when it was permed I assumed it would be well behaved and manageable in its natural state. WRONG!!! My hair does not curl and wave up with water only. Actually it puffs up like a marshmallow and looks dry even when its not. My hair needs to be moisturized DAILY and thrives when coated with butters and creams immediately after its wet. That is how my hair grows. Oil/water combo is my best friend. I didn't learn that over night.

Headbands, bows, flowers, barrettes, banana clips etc. can help spruce up your dull hairstyle. I hid behind my hair for so long that I felt naked without it. Sometimes I felt like I looked like a little boy with my TWA so a cute little headband or flower on the side made me look and feel more feminine.

This was my hardest stage.. That hair in the back drove me crazy!! It was two short to put in a ponytail and too long to brush it down flat. I almost cut off the back and sides for a more tapered look but I'm glad I didn't because its down my back now!! WOO HOO!

4.) Hoop it Up!
Hoop earrings have always been a staple for me. Whether my hair was relaxed or natural big hoops helped liven up any look... Even if you aren't into big earrings a simple pair of stud/button earrings can add pizazz to your hair and outfit.

5.) Have fun!
The way our hair looks is important but it's really not that serious. YOU ARE NOT YOUR HAIR!  At the end of the day its just hair. If you plan on rocking the TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) for a while or if you're trying to grow out your hair, JUST HAVE FUN! My husband is a Master Barber on the side so he would shape up my fro when it looked lopsided. My friend said Super Cuts shaped up her fro for $8 bucks!! Twist it, coil it, braid it, weave it up or whatever. Just have fun and enjoy this journey. The hair gurus we crush and salivate over took time to develop their hair also. It doesn't happen over night. Don't give up. Hang in there. *wink* :-)

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