Friday, August 9, 2013

My All Natural Homemade Pomade HAIR GREASE

I made several different batches of an all natural pomade, hair grease (hence the different colors). I wanted to oil my scalp with an oil that wasn't so messy but I didn't want a store bought pomade that is full of petroleum.  I didn't measure anything I just melted coconut oil and mixed it with grape seed, castor, olive, and palm oil. I poured  the combined melted ingredients into empty rubber band containers (reuse, and refrigerated over night. The coconut oil and palm oil solidified the mixture creating a pomade/hair grease consistency. The oils are virgin and unrefined so the scent is very mild, almost non-existent. Palm oil is giving the orange/red orange color seen in the pictures. 

Sorry no exact recipe, I am a "a little this, a little that" kinda gal. I rarely  measure anything. lol 

Excuse the dents, I had to check to make sure it was completely solid.

This batch turned out darker because I put more palm oil in it than the previous containers.

This concoction would work with pretty much any of your favorite oils, the coconut oil is what makes the whole recipe come together because the others are all liquid.

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