Saturday, November 23, 2013

Color Your Natural Hair with Kool-Aid!!

My teen daughter and I were having our usual random girl talk sessions about me when I was her age. Somehow I mentioned coloring my hair with Kool-Aid because I was too broke to afford store bought hair color. My daughter was extremely interested and asked me how I did it. When I was being plucked dry for all the deets I didn't realize my daughter had a master plan brewing. LOL! She brought me all the items needed and asked if I would help her . I was hesistant to allow her to color her hair red so I told her that I thought red was too grown up looking for her age.. Her reply was, "Mom, didn't you say you were 15 like me when you tried it?" LOL! HA! She cornered me, I agreed to only a few streaks so we decided to wait for the weekend to try it.

What we used:

1 pkg of Tropical Punch Kool-Aid
1 squeeze of conditioner

We decided to color only the highlights she already had.

One nice squeeze of conditioner...any kind would work

1 pkg of Tropical Punch Kool Aid. I would use 4-5 pkgs for the whole head. Maybe more depending upon the length of the hair.

Pour Kool Aid into the Conditioner

Stir until you have a paste

Kool-Aid/Conditioner Paste

I sectioned off the colored area and tied a baggie around it to keep it from getting on the other hair... Not necessary, just a preference.

I added a Co-Wash to the other hair and put a shower cap over her hair for 3 hours. 

She rinsed it out and now had red streaks... She's happy so I'm happy. :-)
Its a semi-permanent rinse because the color looses intensity with each shampoo.

Brings back memories of my Kool-Aid hair days! LOL!

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