Friday, April 26, 2013

Glitzy Glam Sale!!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Getting Henna-fied!

Henna for African Hair

This was my first time trying the Henna for African Hair, I usually use the Jamila Henna...

Day 1: First ,I added some EVOO. I never measure anything, I just "eye ball" the ingredients... I have henna'd so many times I just add a little this and that. Here is the very first time I used henna on my old BLOG. I doubt I measured anything that time either.

My hair LOVES honey, so I added quite a bit of honey...

You can use any conditioner...  I bought this conditioner AGES ago, I didn't care for the smell so I squeezed most of the bottle into my mixture.

Stir...and stir...

I added water...

If it looks gross, you are doing it right. I didn't have lemon juice so I used some Orange Juice. FAIL!!! didn't have enough acidity to lift the color. I learned my lesson. DON'T FORGET LEMON JUICE!! 

I put the lid on it and let the ingredients "marinate" over night. 

Don't forget the gloves. I usually use disposable gloves but I ran out... 

Day 2... Time to get my HENNA on!! Here goes...

I have my henna mixture, towel, and gloves. It can get messy so lay newspaper on the floor for the inevitable mess.

Apply from Root to Tip.

My hair used every drop..

Work the mixture in every strand... I saturated each section and put it in clips.

This was how it looked before I put the shower cap on...

Day 3...I rinsed out all of the mixture but it still seemed like it wasn't fully washed out so I used some AS I AM Co-Wash to fully clean out all the left over henna. I'm glad I did because the water was still muddy looking.

I used this Keratin Replenish Masque (2 pks) and put on a NEW disposable shower cap... I left the conditioner on for a few hours.

The RESULTS ARE IN::: The henna didn't add color to my hair. My gray hairs turned an auburn color but thats about it. My hair color remained the same. 

I am happy with the turn out... My kinks stretched out. Major ELONGATION!!! I have only conditioner in my hair and I have curls and coils. My hair felt soft, detangled and strong. I didn't get the color I wanted but I loved the results. My hair is alot more manageable and it hangs alot longer on my shoulders/back. I prefer the Jamila henna for color but my hair responded really well to this type of henna. I love the results!!

Leave any questions in the comments and I will try to answers them. 

Happy Henna'ng!!!