Sunday, September 1, 2013

Color Jam Huckleberry Blue Natural Hair ..a Manic Panic Situation!

Every since the skittle color hair trend hit the scene I have been excited to join in the fun. I bleached my hair (streaks) a while back for highlights with the intentions of adding a berry color. So I went to Sally's and saw all of these glorious colors and chickened out. I left with neon nail polishes instead. lol

On a random outing while passing time I stopped in Sally's to take the leap and this time instead of a pink, red berry color I changed my mind and went with a BLUE berry color. Manic Panic had a blue color that was called VooDoo Blue. I wasn't crazy about that name so I checked out Color Jam Huckleberry Blue. After standing in the aisle at Sally's doing a product review search on my phone Manic Panic had better reviews than Color Jam. I decided to choose Manic Panic only to realize that there was only one left and it was damaged. My only other option was to go with the Color Jam.

This picture was my hairspiration for choosing blue but I wanted a more subtle look, just a few blue highlights.

My son loves the movie Rio so much I couldn't help but notice how beautiful "BLUE's" feathers were so this was my inspiration also! LOL!

My hair was semi-damp with a olive oil/water mist from the night before. This was the before color. 

I sectioned off my hair and clipped the back. I applied the color directly to my hair.

I tucked the colored hair into a little ball for 20 minutes...

After 20 minutes I examined my hair to see if my hair color changed...I was so excited to see my blue hair...

My excitement quickly turned into disappointment after rinsing the color out. FAIL. The blue intensity went down the drain, literally. The color was very faint, hardly noticeable.

After a few washes my hair has this aqua, light turquoise sea creature, mermaid vibe/color to it. Even though I didn't get the results I wanted the color kinda grew on me. I like things that don't really make sense. LOL

After many weeks later its just a hint of the "blue" color left in my hair. Most people don't even notice. I am giving my hair a break from dyes and colors especially since school has started back. The color is in a place in my head where I can disguise it when I am in a professional setting. Knowing me I may wake up in the middle of the night and dye my whole head purple. You just never know!! Hahahaha! LOL

Conclusion: My streaks weren't really BLEACH BLONDE like it should have been for best results. The brighter the color the more damaging so I was hesitant to go brighter. 

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