Monday, January 5, 2015

Glitzy Coilz attends Dallas Naturals Night Out #DALLASNNO

Dec, 6 2014:  My bestie and I took a road trip to Dallas Texas to attend the Dallas Naturals Night Out. We met up for #Makeovers with my cousins @Willow Bend Mall (Plano Texas) at the MAC counter with my cuzzies! I love them so!

My cousin getting glammed up!

My cuzzins smiling at me while I get glammed up.


I took a pic so I could add all of these colors to my collection.

I had never heard of orange concealer but it worked like a charm!

Beat to Capacity!!! #FLAWLESS

Final look before heading to DALLAS NNO

Feeling Myself in the car lol :-)

Sisters & Sorors
My cousins

Work GIRL!!

Snapping pics left and right before we left! We were having a party before we even got there. #FUNTIMES


My road dawg! We roll OUT!

Our Mommies are Sisters!!

Beautiful bloggers & Entrepreneurs!!

All Black Everything!!!

Business Owners and Trailblazers!!

Networking, Pics, Music, Swag Bags and FUN!!!

 I met some beauties that I've followed on social media since forever. It was great meeting everyone!

I pretty much sweat off all my makeup. The end of a night of natural hair and glitz.

Glitzy Coilz Presents: THESE CURLZ AINT LOYAL

I am finally pleased to share the pics from my second #naturalhair event. This event was called THESE CURLZ AINT LOYAL. This workshop was geared toward the woes of natural hair. Natural hair is a beautiful thing but there are times when the tangles and shrinkage can be a bit much.

When you are having a not so wonderful hair day, headwraps, turbans and scarves can be a lifesaver. I provided each attendee with stretchy jersey fabric to practice tying a headwrap. They took their beautiful fabric home to get some extra practice.

I've never tied a headwrap without a mirror before. LOL!

Glitzy Coilz (me) demonstrating how to combat shrinkage with stretching techniques.

Perfect example of THESE CURLZ AINT LOYAL. It was a rainy day but I had a cute twistout before the event started and now I have a fluffy poof. hahaha.

Time for another door prize!!!

Practice makes Perfect!

 The facial expressions that go along with the struggle. lol

Sharing natural hair recipes to make whipped shea butter and pomade. 100% ALL NATURAL ingredients.

We passed the finished products around the room to smell and sample. 

My hair ended up in a ponytail half way through the workshop. LOL
I gave away all the samples as door prizes.

Showing a slideshow of my natural hair journey.


So grateful for the support!!!

We checked our Hair Porosity

Thank you for the shout outs on social media!! So humble and grateful.

The swag bagz were a hit! Nice and heavy!!! Thank you so much to my awesome sponsors! @unclefunkysdaughter @sheamoisture4u @bluemagic @jessicurl @nubianheritage
Glitzy Goodie Bags!!

Is Hair Typing Offensive to You?


GLITZIES!!! Aren't they beautiful!! Looks like we are missing somebody in the group pic.

We have a winner!!!

The attendees thank you so much for battling the pouring rain to show your support!!

The after party! LOL! Stick around after the next event for laughs!!