Sunday, June 9, 2013

Non-Natural Color on Natural Hair...

DISCLAIMER: My hair is in its natural state, I BC'd in August 2008. I am happy to be nappy! However, I do not profess to be the kind of 'natural' who will use nothing but organic products made only by juices and berries. I strive to purchase products that are sulfate & paraben free but occasionally I may use product(s) that aren't necessarily Curly Girl Approved.  No shame in my game whatsoever... It's just not that serious for me, no one will take my "natural card" away for using certain products on MY hair. Try to limit products with harsh chemicals, dyes, cones, and alcohol but don't loose any sleep if you do, OCCASIONALLY.

I purchased all of these supplies from Sally's except the Miss Jessies..

I mixed the powder packet with the cream... I applied the product and in 5 minutes the color was already changing. 

The fumes are intense so make sure its plenty of ventilation...

These are the results after washing, conditioning, moisturizing, oiling and twisting my hair.. I only colored a small section of my hair..

This is a 5 day old twist out..

These twists were done 2 weeks later after washing and a oil rinse, Color treated hair requires alot more moisture to prevent breakage. I only have color on the right side of my hair. My plan is to put a plum/berry color on in a few weeks. The color will be more vivid on the lightened parts...

I will follow up with pics after I add the berry color. I am still undecided on the exact color I want to use.
Stay Tuned. *wink*