Friday, August 2, 2013

When was your last trim? Trimming Natural Hair

My hair was starting to look raggedy on the ends. I tried moisturizing and sealing the ends of my hair to no avail. That was when I knew my hair was overdue for a trim. I clip my ends every few months because frayed ends drives me nuts. Not only that but my hair grows so much faster when my ends are clipped. 

When my hair was relaxed I preferred to cut my hair when it was wet. Now that my hair is in its natural state I detangle my hair and put about six chunky twists and clip off the dead hair. I know its not the best method but it works for me. lol...  Some naturalistas blow dry their hair before clipping while other sistas go get their hair professionally cut.

You may need to clip your ends if:

* Excessive shedding
*If your hair breaks easily
*You style your often and wear your hair down often
*Slow/No growth
*Feathered ends
*If you use heat on your hair often

My hair a week or so after trim. 

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