Friday, July 17, 2015

What am I eating??? Weight Loss without the Gym...

People ask me all the time, how did you lose the weight?? What am I eating? My answer is whatever I want...for the most part.
I took this picture after my Dr. visit and discovering I lost 56 pounds. I don't own a scale so I had no idea I lost all that weight. I knew my clothes where roomy but that was my only indicator that I was loosing weight. I have been on every diet imaginable and nothing ever worked. I would loose weight and gain it all back and then some. I revisited my old food log of previous weight loss attempts. I was weighing myself weekly, taking my measurements, counting carbs, counting calories and yet I was a size 24/26. OH MY!!!
So I decided to ditch the scale and just make better eating choices. Eat what I wanted in moderation..if I had a sweet tooth, eat the ice cream and get back to business. I ate clean 5-6 days a week and gifted myself a cheat day. A cheat day doesn't mean to eat as much as you want for 24 hours but have a treat and eat sensibly. No stress. No pressure.
The No Stress approach helped melt the weight off. I started April 2014 a 24/26 and today July 2015 I am a 16/18 and dropping.
I added some meal ideas, healthy snack and meal replacement photos of what I usually eat day to day.
NOTE: Just because I don't go to the gym regularly doesn't mean I don't work up a sweat taking long walks, dancing for hours while cleaning the house and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. There are many ways to bust a sweat!!! *wink*
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